Century Global Services Data Conversion Services offer countless amounts of data, including hard copies, files, or digital content, producing a single, sleek format for easy to retrieve data access.

XML Conversion

This adaptable format is widely used by most business models and utilizes a cross platform syntax that makes it an excellent option for passing information between multiple operating systems. Century Global Services offers a diverse number of different XML conversion options for any

HTML Conversion

Century Global Services can deftly convert to, and from HTML, and we can handle thousands of pages often requiring conversion to this popular webpage/website friendly format. HTML is a standard coding system used on nearly every website, and any company needing to convert files, PowerPoint, or documents can rely on Century Global Services’s conversion specialists.

PDF Conversion

Whether you have edited or non-edited PDF formats, Century Global Services is able to provide smooth manual or automated conversion for easier and simplified data sharing and storage. We can also convert to or from PDF formats, resulting in endless variety for any modern business practice.

Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Century Global Services provides businesses with the means to effectively manage, search, and track any of their documents. Our EDM services allow you to securely store documents on your server, boost your file recovery time, and neatly organize data and files for the future. Remove the struggles of paperwork from your company by switching to DEO’s affordable EDM services.

Catalog Conversion

Century Global Services offers to create new catalogs from hard-copies and scanned images and also converts catalogs from one format to another providing a hassle-free e-commerce catalog conversion service to the clients.

Book Conversion

Century Global Services offers exclusive data conversion from physical books or documents into a digital format, an excellent choice for libraries, universities, or authors looking to modernize their data formatting.

Document Conversion

Update incompatible files and data by using Century Global Services’s Document Conversion Services which digitalizes hard files, or updates your current files to a newer software. Our Document Conversion capabilities include but are not limited to TIFF to PDF, PSD to XHTML, Image Files to XHTML, DWG to JPG, paper documents to digital files, PSP to PDF, Excel to HTML, and books to digital files. We can convert to or from any of these formats!

SGML Conversion

A staple in the IT industry, SGML formatting manages valuable files and content, and Century Global Servicess secure, exclusive data conversion software is best able to handle this often-difficult conversion task. We offer SGML conversion, including consultation services, for files, films, images, as well as graphics manipulation.

Word Formatting

Century Global Services provides enhanced, custom word formatting to create attention grabbing, creative, and professional styles that can best capture the unique format your business needs to gain wide audience appeal